Market Sectors

Our customers operate within widely diverse and constantly changing high technology environments.

EMS Manufacturing UK Company – Dynamic EMS

UK EMS manufacturer Dynamic EMS recognise the need to deliver a flexible and responsive service model to support our customers in their end markets. Alongside our key market verticals we also develop sustainable solutions for emerging technologies that have synergies with our core technology expertise.

Before entering markets sectors Dynamic EMS seek firstly to understand the particular demands and specific expectations of the portfolio of customers operating in such markets. This is achieved by a process of sector mapping which involves market segmentation, targeting and positioning. The benefit of this is a service model which is tailored to the demands of the targeted market sector.

Dynamic EMS supports the entire product lifecycle by offering a toolbox of solutions from NPI to a finished goods model. We understand it is a critical decision an organisation undertakes when considering outsourcing as every company needs a reliable partner with reputation for manufacturing quality products. Dynamic EMS aims to be the heartbeat of your business delivering products when you need them, where you need them. Customer satisfaction is the number one key value we uphold within our organisation and this can be seen in our ability to retain and grow with our customer base.

Through our proven processes and structure we support both large international organisations and smaller emerging companies who require our intimate customer approach. Dynamic EMS are the right manufacturing partner for OEMs with low-medium volume, high mix, high complexity portfolios.